It resembles a croissant, but very similar to a doughnut...
the new Croustinet™ ! !

In this Parisian delicacy
croissant dough covers puff pastry.

AMELIE bakes it in grapeseed oil only once a day.
Then she rolls it in maple sugar,
then spreads it with cream and coats it with a sugar glaze.

And then just enjoy…


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Amelie was sitting on the steps of Montmartre Hill, thinking,
that she wanted something so much for this wonderful moment.

Maybe a little sweet,
a little bit fluffy,
just barely sour,
of course, a little bit crunchy,
a little cinnamon....

It was just sailing through the sky at this moment
a Coconut Croustinet..

A little black kitten came running up and said:
- Mademoiselle, have you seen where the clouds are coming from today?

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